Your Guide to Great Free and Paid Online AR/VR Courses

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Nov 20, 2022

In 2021, it was estimated that there were over one million tech-related jobs in Canada, and that number is expected to grow in the coming years. AR and VR are some of the ever-growing fields within tech, and many companies are looking to hire people in this field.

Of course, you will need to learn about AR and VR to qualify for these jobs. Thankfully, many sources of AR and VR-related information are available online, which includes free self-learning sources and paid courses with teachers.

Great Sources for Free Learning

The internet has become a haven for free learning sources for AR and VR. Though you cannot get a certificate through these options, here are some places you can check out:

YouTube Tutorials

YouTube is one of the best places to look for free info online, especially for AR and VR tutorials. You can start by looking at Brackeys’s YouTube channel. Even if Brackeys stopped posting videos, there are still many videos available on his channel.

Another fantastic channel to visit is Circuit Stream. Circuit Stream offers courses on their website, but they also offer beginner-friendly Unity videos and other related tutorials.

Plus, Circuit Stream has AR/VR workshops on their YouTube Channel. Not only do you learn about AR and VR, but you get to have a small experience of what their courses have to offer to students.


Even if AR and VR heavily depend on computers, you can learn a few things from books. For instance, UX for XR by Cornel Hillmann, Reality Check by Jeremy Dalton, and The Metaverse: And How It Will Revolutionize Everything are excellent reads.

Free Learning Platforms

If you are aiming for an experience similar to a paid course, there are free learning platforms that can mimic that. For instance, Udemy has free AR/VR courses you can take.

If you happen to still be studying and are 16 years old or older, you can try out Unity Learn. Unity Learn offers a variety of ways to learn, such as on-demand learning sources and live learning sessions.

Another place you can check out for tutorials is Unreal Engine. They have an online learning marketplace full of free learning sources, many of which focus on AR and VR-related topics for gaming. Coursera also offers courses.

The Downsides of Free Learning Sources

While free learning sources can offer you a good amount of information, they can only offer so much. Most free learning sources are on-demand, meaning you will be teaching yourself most of the time. Therefore, you will not have the guidance of a teacher to help you grasp complex questions.

Additionally, most free learning sources will not be updated. Since the field of AR and VR is continuously growing, these free learning sources might quickly become outdated, and you may not use the skills or knowledge that you learned.

What You Get From Paid Courses

Direct Support From Teachers

A major advantage you get from paid courses is the direct assistance you get from teachers. Many paid courses feature live interactive sessions with teachers to help you have a more immersive learning experience.

Plus, the teachers focus on adaptive learning techniques to help each student succeed. Moreover, these teachers give evaluations to help you progress further. If you are lacking somewhere, they will guide you on how to improve.

Well-Structured Curricula

Paid courses offer well-structured curricula specifically designed to help a student efficiently learn any given topic within the right time frame. Most free courses do not offer such structures, which can make students miss vital learning points of a given topic.

For example, take XR courses in the University of British Colombia and graduate in 10 weeks. Within this time frame, you will be able to gradually learn about XR without feeling over or underwhelmed.

Motivational Communities

Some paid courses offer extra benefits, such as events, to keep their students motivated and engaged. Notably, many of the paid courses have communities that support you for years after you finish your course.

Here’s Where You Can Get AR/VR Certification Today

If you want to secure a certificate to prove that you have AR/VR skills, you can take a look at the University of British Colombia and their courses: Interaction Design & Prototyping for XR and XR Development with Unity. You can learn more about these courses by downloading the syllabus on their website. You can also take a look at Unity Bootcamp for a live online and beginner-friendly course.

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This course is delivered by Circuit Stream in partnership with UBC Extended Learning.

© Circuit Stream. This course is delivered by
Circuit Stream in partnership with
UBC Extended Learning.

© Circuit Stream.
This course is delivered by Circuit Stream in partnership with UBC Extended Learning.